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Founding Pastor 

Doyle Hart

As a young man, Doyle Hart felt the call of God upon his life, and in 1939 he was ordained into the full time ministry, devoting his life to preaching the Gospel and to ministering to the spiritual needs of the people. Beginning in Dallas, Texas, word rapidly spread of the impact of his message. His sincere dedication, his scintillating style of ministering, along with his multiple talents, effervescent personality and a powerful anointing, soon brought demand for his ministry across the Nation.


In 1949, Pastor Hart founded the Yakima Revival Center in Yakima, Washington. He pastored in Yakima for six years and in 1953 resigned and returned to the Evangelistic field, proclaiming the Gospel.


In 1965, Pastor Hart moved to California where he founded Calvary Temple on Broadway and Manchester in Los Angeles.  There, he ministered to the spiritual needs of the people and brought healing and restoration to thousands in the greater Los Angeles area.


Under Pastor Hart's leadership, Calvary Temple experienced a phenomenal growth, and in 1975 the church relocated to its new home, Academy Cathedral, in Inglewood, a beautiful large facility with a seating capacity of over one thousand.


Pastor Hart’s ministry has positively influenced and impacted lives of many individuals, families, and communities across the country. Pastor Hart’s genuine love for people is expressed through the many programs of assistance available to children, senior citizens and the less fortunate:  providing food for the hungry, clothes for the needy, and shelter for the homeless.


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