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Jesus was so moved with compassion.....HEALING THE SICK, OPENING BLIND EYES, UNSTOPPING DEAF EARS, RAISING THE DEAD; and with so many other miracles...meeting the needs of the less fortunate, the impoverished and the poor.


In Revelations 7:16, John speaks of a time where people will never hunger, never thirst, and won't have to experience the scorching heat of the pangs of life.


You are about to witness this "ACT OF LOVE" and "GRACE". As you watch this video, you will see what happens when we act in the love of Christ to meet the needs of the hurting, sick, and suffering. If you would like to donate and help support our on-going foreign missions projects, please click on the donate button on any page.  Thank you for your support. 

Love A Child, Inc.

September 8 at 12:57 PM  · 


Water and more water!!  These pictures were taken this morning! I’m so excited!! Remember recently, “Academy Cathedral” Pastor Elaine sent in the money for us to purchase a large pump, big pipe, etc. As you know, we just recently had Blue Ridge Well Drilling Inc. put this in for our community of Fond Parisien. Every day now this happens!! PTL! Water is life!

No one has water pipes going to their homes. Everyone comes and brings their buckets. Now all the farmers in the area have aqueducts of water going to their farms or gardens. Thank you for praying the money in. Thank you, “Academy Cathedral” Pastor Elaine Britt... Love is something you do!


Bobby Burnette

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