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Welcome To Academy Cathedral


15 / June

16 / June


Men's Fellowship



Join us for a nourishing breakfast and uplifting fellowship at our

Men's Meeting.

Connect with other men, share inspiring stories, and deepen your faith in a welcoming environment.

Don't miss this chance to build

lasting bonds.


11:00 AM

Academy Hall

 Father's Day Celebration:  Honoring Dads in a Special Service!

  Join us 

Whether you're a father, grandfather, or father-to-be, or want to celebrate

the father figures in your life, we warmly invite you to be part of this

memorable day.

Bring your family and friends as we come together to give thanks and celebrate the gift of fatherhood.


11:00 AM
Academy Cathedral

Journey of a Lifetime

(Bible Study)


An inductive Bible Study that develops

strong mature productive Christians,

as they learn to apply God’s Word

in all aspects of their lives. 

Learn how to pick up the pearls

of the scripture (Bible Characters and Events) and string them together

in order from Genesis to Revelation. 

11:00 AM

Academy Hall



Welcome to the heart of our mission, the very essence that fuels the Academy Cathedral's purpose: TO WIN SOULS. In this sacred House of God, our commitment extends

beyond the walls of tradition; it reaches into the depths of humanity,

embracing those who are often overlooked.

Our calling is clear: TO RESTORE HURTING PEOPLE. We stand as a Beacon of Hope for

the Broken, providing solace for the Wounded, shelter for the Battered

 and refuge for the Abused. In the shadows of despair, we extend

our arms to the Depressed, offering a light that pierces

through the darkness.

For the Rejected, we are an open door, a sanctuary

where acceptance knows no bounds.

The Entrance of the Church, photo by Fabio Piva
People in Haiti drinking water
Worship Sunday Service


Since 1975, Academy Cathedral has been serving the community of Inglewood, California.


Our church is committed to the Bible as the infallible, inspired, and inerrant Word of God.


We offer a variety of ministries and programs for people of all ages, including Bible Studies, Youth Groups, Children's Church, Men's Ministry, and Outreach Programs.


With vibrant enthusiasm, zeal, and the undeniable testimonies of God’s miraculous power. 


The outreach team extends their reach into the community, sharing their faith at bus stops, parking lots, parks, and along the streets. 


Step into the vibrant atmosphere of our dynamic Sunday Worship Service, where lives are transformed, and miracles unfold in the presence of God.

Experience the joy of celebrating the boundless love of Jesus, and discover profound inspiration for the week ahead.


Come, embark on this faith-filled journey with us.



  Your generous donation possesses the incredible power to bring  

  about transformation in the lives of many in need. 

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