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  Biography --- Associate Pastor Elaine Britt

Elaine Britt is a visionary, a person of strong and creative imaginative power  with the ability inspire others.  For as long as she can remember, she has    had a deep love for God and His people.  It is this love and faith in God that have afforded her tremendous opportunities in both entrepreneurial and  religious arenas.  Elaine began singing in churches at the age of 4 in her    native North Carolina, traveling throughout the eastern United States with her family.  Elaine and her brother were featured guests in many churches, and schools.  They appeared regularly on television, in concerts and many other special events. Elaine is a gifted and talented singer, musician, speaker and  entrepreneur.

 For more than 40 years, Elaine has been an integral part of the leadership body at Academy Cathedral in Inglewood, California.  Under the leadership of Pastor Doyle Hart, Elaine has developed and directed many church activities and programs.  She used her exceptional organizational skills to bring conferences, retreats, banquets, concerts and many other functions to the community.  She has coordinated and hosted numerous International tours and cruises for groups ranging in size from 20 to 150 people.  An avid traveler, Elaine’s extensive travels have taken her around the world into six continents: Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

Elaine has a genuine love and compassion for senior citizens.  As a result of her love, she was instrumental in forming the “Academy Cathedral Travel Club”.  The “ACT Club” organizes local trips and outings for seniors and other church members, enabling them to visit some of California’s best spots and enjoy dining in some of the finest restaurants.

Elaine’s humanitarian efforts have impacted thousands of lives around the world.  She regularly supports orphanages in Haiti, Africa, the Philippines and Brazil. She recently paid for the drilling of a water well in Africa which will supply thousands of people with fresh clean drinking water for the rest of their lives.  Her efforts are not limited to the foreign fields; she is quick to respond when there is a need.  When hurricane Katrina devastated the GulfCoast, Elaine organized a group of volunteers and went to assist and serve the victims.  She spearheaded a recent free food giveaway in Inglewood, California in which more than 30,000 pounds of food were distributed to area residents.  In addition, over 1,000 people benefit from the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables on the grounds of Academy Cathedral every month; this is a result of her love for people and her initiation of the Academy Food Distribution program.

Elaine has a real concern for the education and social wellness of children.  She has been actively involved in opening a private Christian school and developing after school educational and vocational programs for children, providing them opportunity for enrichment, mentally and socially.

 Elaine has garnered acclaim and respect and has received awards from both business and civic leaders for her outstanding accomplishments and leadership role in the church and community. Her savvy business skills and professionalism, coupled with divine favor have allowed her to achieve success in many business ventures, one of which is a line of exquisite and rare jewelry.

 Elaine has an infectious enthusiasm when discussing her relationship with God and His favor upon her life.  Her desire to see people elevated to the place God has designated for them is evident any time she speaks at a conference, seminar, special event or in a Sunday Morning service in Academy Cathedral, where she serves as Assistant Pastor and Administrator.

Elaine holds a Doctorate of Divinity Degree and is listed in the national Directory of “Who’s Who” of executives and professionals.

Out of all the wonderful places she has visited, above all the exceptional things she has accomplished; the one thing that Elaine cherishes most is her relationship with God.

You may contact Ms. Elaine Britt at 323-751-5151.


      Biography Of Connie Britt

 Connie Britt was raised in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. Connie accepted the call to the ministry in Los Angeles, California, where her gifts made room for her in the administrative offices at Calvary Temple, now known as Academy Cathedral, under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Doyle Hart.

Connie's loyalty, devotion, dedication and outstanding service are admired by all. Her faith, courage and love are demonstrated daily. Many have benefited from her guidance that she has exhibited down through the years.  She has been actively involved with children, teens, young adults and seniors. She is recognized as, “A true friend to all”.  Connie has a compassionate heart for people, a stranger to no fear.   Connie has gone into the streets and drug houses to rescue lives.  She is known for going places where no one else has dared to go and has found shelter for the homeless & aided the destitute.  She believes that every child is precious to God and deserves our compassion.”   Truly she has a heart for hurting people.

A life long dedication to the ministry and missionary work has taken Connie to over 36 states and 6 Continents; Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australia.  

Connie plays a vital role in Kingdom building. Exodus 15:20 clearly portrays Miriam in leading “all the women” to praise God for their victory. Connie is our modern day Miriam, invoking spiritual leadership.  She is the Children’s Pastor at Academy Cathedral in Inglewood, California, Founder & Director of the Academy Cathedral Praise Dancers, Director of Academy Christian Education and Director of the Academy Community Computer Lab, which offers a rich Educational Enhancement Program to assist students in Phonics, Math, Reading and Basic Computer Skills. 

Connie has arranged and coordinated many local and National tours for the Academy Cathedral Praise Dancers, (a group of young ladies, ages 8-22) which includes tours to Niagara Falls, Canada, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee and to Orlando, Florida, where the girls performed live at Disney World.

 Connie is listed in the “Who’s Who Among Rising Americans".  She has received Outstanding Achievement Awards and Commendations in recognition of her commitment and dedication to the youth and her community services from: Mayor Tom Bradley, City of Los Angeles, Councilman Curren Price, Jr., City of Inglewood, Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, City of Inglewood, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sacramento, CA.




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