For many years, Pastor Doyle Hart has contributed to the spiritual fiber of America, inspiring commitment to excellence in people from all walks of life.

Pastor Hart’s ministry has positively influenced and impacted lives of many individuals, families, and communities across the country. Pastor Hart’s genuine love for people is expressed through the many programs of assistance available to senior citizens and the less fortunate, providing food for the hungry, clothes for the needy, and shelter for the homeless.

Pastor Hart is endeared to the hearts of many people for his endless love, support, and inspiring messages of hope, peace, and deliverance that continue to bring many from poverty to prosperity, from sickness to health, from bondage to freedom, from hate to love, and from sin to salvation.

His untiring efforts and devotion to God and to people everywhere have gained recognition in this community and across the nation as a dynamic leader, loving, caring and providing effective quality programs for youth and adults. His life powerfully exemplifies the life of Christ as he extends love to all. Thousands have been impacted by his positive leadership. He is a great pastor who is loved, respected and admired for his great contribution to mankind.

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