The inspirational messages of Pastor Doyle Hart have aired on KTYM, 1460 AM at 3:30PM since 1968. His listening audience is vast, and the programs bring many testimonies of miracles wrought as a result of Pastor Hart's uncompromising deliverance and faith messages.


FAITHLINE (323) 750-8950...
Academy constantly receives prayer requests on its own telephone line, "FAITHLINE." If you are willing to be of service to others, let God use you to minister to those who are sick or in trouble, as they call for prayer. Prayer counsellors are always needed. (Training session required)


Women dedicated to God who assist around the altar, helping new converts and others receive salvation, healing and deliverance. Committed to service, they extend love and compassion as they minister to the needs of the sick, bereaved and senior citizens. This strong supportive group enjoys regular fellowship meetings, luncheons, retreats and conferences which enhance their spiritual growth.


Strong men of God upholding the ministry of helps in our church and community. Our men extend care and attention to our neighborhood, seniors and youth. Our "Pillars" stand strong in the spirit of love and brotherhood, enjoying fellowship, activities, prayer meetings and regular functions.


Powerful voices singing praises to God. Enthusiastic and committed to praising God, the choir stirs our hearts and electrifies our spirits with their inspirational singing. We always welcome new choir members who are willing to commit to the ministry.


In order for our service to flow with the Spirit without unnecessary interruptions, ushers are needed and are an important part of our worship service.


A main artery within the church. Intercessors pray daily for special needs, interceding for the Pastor, church, members, families, friends and government officials; and through the power of prayer, strongholds come down. Intercessors meet prior to each service for prayer.


A gathering of special men with a heart for leadership and a strength to support the vision of the Pastor.

This is an elite band of brothers who aren't satisfied with minimal involvement, but they have a desire to be all they can be for God. They are the Joshuas and Calebs who want to take an active role of leadership in the church, in the community, in their family life and work. They are men who want to pursure their passion for God above all else.


 Children's Ministries.


The Academy family enjoys hosting many great ministries during the year; concerts and revivals with some of the Nation's most renowned Gospel recording artists, singers, musicians, pastors and evangelists.


With enthusiasm, zeal, testimonies of God's miraculous power, the outreach team reaches into the community to witness in homes, at bus stops, parking lots, parks and the streets. This team thrives on taking hope to the community, sharing the gospel of Jesus with all people of all walks of life.


One of the reasons God Has blessed this ministry is that we have responded to the missionary vision. . .to reach all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Academy Cathedral sponsors missionaries, orphanages, and missions around the world. It is such a blessing for us to have part in reaching those in other lands who have never heard of Jesus' love.


The ministry extends love and assists many families, hundreds of people monthly with fresh fruits,vegetables, bread, etc.,


...distributed on the church parking lot


Sunday Mornings after the Service.


PRAYER (Saturday - 7:00 AM). . .
A glorious and exhilarating time when people gather from all over the City in the sanctuary to open their hearts to God and to present their requests to Him. Individuals become sanctuaries of praise to God. Burdens are lifted, sickness is healed and minds are renewed. While people are on the altars emptying out themselves, God is pouring in fresh oil. Spend one hour with God and experience the difference it makes.


"Family loving family." The hospitality committee is dedicated to serving the bereaved family members. With much love, a feast is prepared and tables are beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, creating a warm atmosphere that is comforting, strengthening and uplifting.


The church has a professional service team who can assist with funeral arrangements, programs and give advice and information regarding facilities and special assistance programs available to the public. With compassionate care, prayer and sound advice, you'll appreciate knowing that someone is there for you to lean on during your time of grief.


Weddings and Receptions The Cathedral is available for weddings, and the beautiful Banquet Hall is available for wedding receptions to Academy Cathedral members. Facilities are available to nonmembers for a rental fee.
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