mens ministries


Strong men of God upholding the church and community through the ministry of helps.   Our men extend care and attention to our neighborhood, seniors and youth.  

Our "Pillars" stand strong in the spirit of love and brotherhood, enjoying fellowship, activities, prayer meetings and regular functions.

The Men of Valor play a strong supportive role in upholding the leadership of the ministry in prayer and faithfulness.   They conduct a weekly Bible study for men and have outreach programs that involve the community such as:  job fairs, car shows, and their annual “Building Successful Men Conference”, which is held every October.  In this conference, they recognize and honor  ministers, men and organizations that impact the community.  The Men of Valor assist men in need of employment, schooling and shelter with referrals; they honor students who excel in school with monetary gifts.

The Men of Valor are strong pillars in the ministry.



A gathering of special men with a heart for leadership and a strength to support the vision of the Pastor.

This is an elite band of brothers who aren't satisfied with minimal involvement, but they have a desire to be all they can be for God.   They are the Joshuas and Calebs who want to take an active role of leadership in the church, in the community, in their family life and work.  They are men who want to pursue their passion for God above all else.






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