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Schedule of Services


9:00 am Sunday Morning Bible Study

10:00 am Booster Band - A special program for children: Bible stories, games,
prizes, lots of action … learning about God and His Word.

10:30 am Morning Worship - A time of inspirational worship. Pastor Hart preaches under the anointing and prays for the sick. A special time of personal ministry.

11:00 am Children’s Church - An exciting time of worship for the little ones: Bible stories, games, songs, fellowship, fun and much more.

7:00 pm Christian Education - Study the depths of God’s Word and experience the awesome power that God has in store for His people... designed for the whole family... Bible studies for all ages.

Youth Activities - Exciting, supervised physical activities, such as basketball, volleyball and video games in a controlled Christ-like environment.

Tuesday & Friday Services
10:00 am Teaching and Deliverance Service - Faith inspiring, joy increasing, spiritually fulfilling services that will leave you with a testimony of victory throughout the week!

Wednesday                                                                                                                                                                                    7:30 pm    Youth Alive - Thrilling Youth Service designed to capture the hearts and develop successful, happy, young Christians. 

7:00 am Morning Prayer - Dedicated believers join together around the altars seeking God with open hearts. Powerful prayer brings great results! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS AND PEOPLE.

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